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About us

Sweet Sensations is an erotic massage parlor based in London. For the last couple of years our sexy masseuses provide our clients with high-quality massage and relaxation. Our masseuses are trained to deliver pleasure and relieve stress for our clients, they are all aged between 21 and 28 years and are sensual massage specialists. Our girls will come to your hotel or residence and deliver the best massage you could ever wish for.

We offer different types of massages: body-to-body massage, tantric massage, shower massage, nuru massage. We also have different packages that include a romantic dinner with one of our masseuses. If there’s a specific type of massage you are looking for, please let us know by phone or by chatting with us directly on the site, and we’ll try to deliver what you are looking for.

Our beautiful and sexy masseuses are looking to deliver the best massaging experience you’ve ever had, each of them has completed an erotic massage course and is professionally approved by another qualified specialists. When ordering a massage from Sweet Sensations, make sure that you read our rules. It is important for us that our masseuses are treated respectfully and that our clients are satisfied. If you have anything to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or directly on this site by using the chat function.

Get in touch with us and we will book the masseuse and erotic massage that best suits your tastes. 

Feel the touch of feminine

Erotic Massages in London

Are you looking for an erotic massage in London? Sweet Sensations is the right place to look for it.

The sensual massage our masseuses will offer you can be considered a dance of fingers and body on the client’s body. The fingers are the most sensitive organ in a human body, and can be used to deliver intense pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction. Our masseuses use special massaging oils, that relax and revive your whole body. Together with the various massaging techniques, this procedure will energize you for days. If you are allergic to massaging oils, don’t worry – in this special cases we use oils for sensible skin based on water. Our lotions produce a pleasurable, relaxing aroma.

Music can be often a good addition to the intimate sexy massage environment. Jazz is usually the perfect choice, but the client is in charge of that depending on his musical tastes. Aromatic candles are also indispensable for a nude massage in London, where people love smelling the beautiful aromas that aromatic candles can bring to the massaging experience.

The erotic massage itself usually starts from the neck and shoulders, just like any other massage. This is meant to relax the client’s body and make it used to the masseuse’s sexy touches. Every touch is elegant and strong at the same time, it has to be felt with intensity in by the skin. Our masseuse will then begin with the full body massage, going down the spine until it’s basement, client’s buttocks. The key to a perfect erotic massage is the continuous hand movements across client’s body, but also the passion and deepness of every single touch. Discontinuous movements, pauses or fast and hard hand movements are not allowed in a sensual massage like the one Sweet Sensations is offering.

It is important that both of masseuses hands massage with the same pressure and regularity, in order to avoid the feeling of inequality and irritation that discontinuous movements can create. The masseuses hands are slowly sliding on client’s body. Our masseuses are always listening to the clients’ preferences on stronger or weaker touches, faster or lengthier massaging and every other part of the massaging experience. The main goal of our erotic massage we are offering for our clients in London, is that the clients are totally relaxed and satisfied not only after the massage, but also throughout it.

Every now and then, the masseuse will change the pace and type of touches, to keep the client from falling asleep from over relaxation. At one point, the masseuse’s hands will slowly approach to the erotic zones of body without touching them directly, it will excite and awaken the lucky person enjoying the massage. Depending on the clients’ reaction on this touches, the masseuse will continue with the erotic massage or will slowly change the body zone and continue with a normal massage.

Best Tantra Massage in London

Best Tantric massage experience in London: A unique variation of the traditional Indian Lingam (Tantric) Massage for men and women is a massage especially aimed at people who want to heighten their sexual energy and achieve a desired deeper state of relaxation and euphoria.

Shower massage

The treatment will begin in the shower, you will spend a magical 10 minutes in the shower with warm water to release all the tensions of the day, before moving on to the comfort of your bed, where you will recieve an extensive body massage, in which the masseuse will use tantric and erotic techniques for 60 sensual minutes.


Romantic package

Excellent proposition for spending evening with a charming and educated girl! Order our romantic package (Vip massage + Dinner & Cruise with live music)


Japanese Nuru Massage in London

Nuru Massages with Pleasure Moments

Have you ever heard about nuru massage? And never had one? Now it’s time to get a nuru massage in London.

The basis of a nuru massage is an erotic body-to-body massage: the Pleasure Moments masseuse doesn’t use solely her skilled hands and body, but also a nuru gel.

Opium massage

Opium fragrance oil has warm, resinous, harsh, bitterish odor. It is suitable very well for chilly and wet weather.

Opium may be efficiently used at raised nervous irritability, defatigation, tiredness, sadness, it defends from malevolence of surrounding persons, restores aura.

Exotic massage

Exotic types of massage, based on the ancient national traditions, with unique techniques, are one of the means of health improvement, revitalization and rehabilitation of psychoemotional state, achievement of body and spirit harmony.



Body to bode massage (60 min)


Shower massage (90 min)


Nuru massage (60 min)


Opium massage with 4 hands, shower and body scrub (90 min)


Exotic massage


Romantic package (Vip massage + Dinner and cruise with life music)