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If you are looking for ways to relax and nourish your body and soul in London, sensual massage might be just what you need. And Sweet Sensation will become your liaison into the world of pleasure and bliss. For those of you who are always busy with the business and life affairs in the midst of London’s hustle and bustle that’s, the erotic massage will breathe an hour of peace and relaxation, reinvigorating your body and uplifting the mood. And if you ever want to repeat this adventure, there are many types of sexual massage to taste: tantric, body to body, erotic, nuru sessions.

What exactly are you getting yourself in?

At Sweet Sensations, you will enjoy the services of sophisticated body-to-body masseuses both incall and outcall. We will arrange a quiet meeting and it’s best to rent a hotel room where there'll be peace and where nobody will interrupt your sweet hour. 

Before the rendezvous, we will provide you with the photos of models you'll meet later on. Choose carefully and decide which diva fits your predilections in the best manner. All photos are always real without any brush-ups.

We collaborate only with charismatic and entertaining masseuses living in London who will always take an extra mile to please you just the way you want to.

The erotic massage session will see your beautiful companion gliding her body on yours, giving you amazing sensations and lovingly caressing every inch of your body. She'll slide her hands along your neck, back and buttons, slowly relieving you of any stress and letting you forget the problems you have to deal with. 

The masseuse will use either an allergen-free oil or an essential oil based on certain plants, such as coconut, ylang-ylang or jojoba. These bring amazing scents that will exhilarate and tantalize you. 

The masseuse can bring a portable speaker and play relaxation tracks, tantric music or jazz compositions. Engaging all of your senses, the session will impact on you much more remarkable memories than just an ordinary massage you'll get in London.

Feel the touch of feminine

What kind of Sensual Massage to Choose?

Don't lose yourself among the multitude of various names and types of sexual massage. Reach out to us and connect with a professional liaison who'll guide you and help choose the massage you'll remember for years. Consult with your qualified “consiglieri” at Sweet Sensations to find the answers to all your queries.

Best Tantra Massage in London

The tantric erotic massage in London, gifted to all of us by the ancient Indian culture, focuses on skin-to-skin sensations. This sexual rubdown will help you learn more about your body, bringing you to the highest levels of sexual concentration and tension. You'll feel your whole body vibrate and throb in tune with the elegant and skilled touches and moves of the woman's body. 

Shower massage

The treatment will begin in the shower, you will spend a magical 10 minutes in the shower with warm water to release all the tensions of the day, before moving on to the comfort of your bed, where you will recieve an extensive body massage, in which the masseuse will use tantric and erotic techniques for 60 sensual minutes.


Romantic package

You feel for a more romantic touch, the masseuse with Sweet Sensations will always be willing to oblige your wishes and desires. You can arrange for a joint shower rite so that your companion can cleanse you of the hustle, errands and thoughts on the mundane. Another option is to have a pleasant dinner for the two of you. Converse with the mysterious woman in front of way, flirt and share a couple of pleasant moments. Another option is to have a pleasant dinner for the two of you. Converse with the mysterious woman in front of way, flirt and share a couple of pleasant moments. 

Japanese Nuru Massage

The nuru erotic massage is a sensual rubdown with roots in ancient Japan. The female naked bodies slide along yours, slowing bringing you to the cusp of sexual and emotional culmination. It's not just hands, but the whole body of your companion that gets engaged to deepen your pleasure and make the rendezvous memorable.

Opium massage

Opium fragrance oil has warm, resinous, harsh, bitterish odor. It is suitable very well for chilly and wet weather.

Opium may be efficiently used at raised nervous irritability, defatigation, tiredness, sadness, it defends from malevolence of surrounding persons, restores aura.

Exotic massage

Exotic types of massage, based on the ancient national traditions, with unique techniques, are one of the means of health improvement, revitalization and rehabilitation of psychoemotional state, achievement of body and spirit harmony.

Why is sensual massage beneficial?

First, it's an amazing adventure that will simultaneously soothe your nerves and exhilarate your inner sensual core. It's a great tool to activate your sensory side and help fight against seasonal depression, tiredness and busy schedules. Uplifting your mood, it will rejuvenate you for weeks. That's why we would advise considering the services of a professional sexual massage specialist before important events, negotiations or competitions.

Should you take us up and book a visit to the mysteries geisha, the next day you'll feel as if you were 18 again, ready to take on the world, conquer the highest mountains and chase after the toughest wins. This is the power of this ancient practice that has been around for millennia.

Second, the erotic massage will bring a peculiar novelty and exquisiteness to London dwellers who are very well versed in the most elite and elevated pastimes.

In other words, it's a great way to kill boredom and break away from the affairs of your daily life.

Third, this encounter will help your body produce endorphins, known as "hormones of happiness". These chemicals have a direct impact on the way your brain and body work, bringing a "bouncy" robust feel to everything you do and everywhere you go.

The happy ending in the sensual massage will help your body get in touch with its sexual core, bringing the long-awaited release and helping cleanse of any stress and negative energy, so prevalent in the lives of today’s London dwellers.

Fourth, should you focus on your feelings and sensations, you'll be able to learn how to get in sync with the female companion next to you. Use these insights to become a better fit for the women in your life. Learn how to activate their zones and how to extend the foreplay, edging on the cusp of the penetrative pleasure, but not entering that realm yet.

Fifth, the sexual massage may be instrumental for your life journey if you are looking for a "bounce-back" fling that will end up the dry spill you are going through. The goddesses who have mastered the mysteries and alluring arts of sensual massaging will be only too happy to help you get back on the horse, facilitating your journey and giving you amazingly pleasant emotions.

Be brave and explorative with your sexual endeavors will pay off handsomely, gifting you with the memories you'll never forget and new experiences that will elevate out of the ordinary life. It's not for nothing that tantric and nuru massage practices have always been associated with spiritual enlightenment, finding wholeness and inner peace. And the inner piece is a much sought-after commodity in the fast swirling London we live in. Amaze yourself with your bravery and call us right now. Our personal assistant will make sure that Sweet Sensations cater to all your needs and deliver on even the bravest fantasies.



Body to bode massage (60 min)


Shower massage (90 min)


Nuru massage (60 min)


Opium massage with 4 hands, shower and body scrub (90 min)


Exotic massage


Romantic package (Vip massage + Dinner and cruise with life music)